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SSO "Novaya Rossiya"



  • About the Orchestra

    New Russia State Symphony Orchestra was founded in 1990 by order of the Government of the RSFSR. Yury Bashmet assumed leadership of the orchestra in 2002, opening up a new chapter in its history.

  • History

    The official birthday of the State Symphony Orchestra Novaya Rossiya is September 30, 1990 when by the decree of the Council of Ministers of RSFSR State Children and Youth Symphony Orchestra of the RSFSR Council of Education was formed.

  • Conductors

    The information on conductors SSO New Russia, their biography, creative achievements and successes contains in section Conductors.

  • Musicians

    The plan of orchestra is placed in section Musicians with the list of actors on groups of tools, photos and brief information.

  • Administration

    The list of Administration of an orchestra New Russia. The section contains data on administration of an orchestra, a surname, a post and a contact information of employees.

  • Diskography

    In section the information on orchestra records New Russia and Yury Bashmet, and also audio- and video fragments of concerts is collected.